Cloud based industry solution for the modern accounting practice

Available today in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. In 2014, the service will also be offered as a core component of the complete platform for Accounting Practices; which includes both accounting and customer collaboration. Advisor is a web-based practice management tool that gives your accounting practice increased efficiency and profitability.

See what Advisor can do for your accounting office. 

It provides employees with a tool that enables them to perform at their best; while ensuring that management makes the appropriate decisions on legal grounds.

  • Good overview – complete control over customers, employees, tasks and documentation.

  • Easy to use – the intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to start.

  • Flexible – can easily be customised to reflect your business processes.

  • Effective – helps you work with the right things at the right time.

  • Secure – all of your customer's data is encrypted, backed up and always available.


Skybasert bransjeløsning for det moderne regnskapsbyråBetter basis    »    Better decisions    »    Increased profitability

Workflow Advisor is the core that connects various financial tools and collects all important customer data in one place. The entire company, and each individual employee, can therefore structure their assignments and work day more efficiently.

Unique time management

Fully integrated time module adapted for accounting firms.
Hourly, per transactions and fixed pricing.
Pricing based on customer.
Daily and weekly registration.
Invoices on-going beyond the agreed fixed price.
Ability to edit the invoice.


With all documents, e-mails and notes gathered in one place, you are always able to find what you need. Since all of your information is stored and structured in the cloud, you always have access and can rest assured that it is constantly being backed up.

Unbeatable monitoring

  • What needs to be done?
  • Who needs to do it?
  • When does it need to be done?

With the flexible checklists you are able to get a quick overview of what everyone needs to do and when it has been done. You are able to use filters in order to find the checkpoints   for a specific task or employee.

Resource planning

Plan and ensure that your available resources are in line with the tasks that need to be performed. Advisor provides you with a clear picture of how tasks are divided and provides the possibility to move tasks between employees.

Solution for the future Advisor is a core component of Visma’s commitment to the financial industry. Each month the system is updated with new and improved functionality. The service is built together with Financials and provides seamless integration of your customer register, invoicing and reporting.

Today, invoice integration is available with the following systems:

  • Visma Business Byrå (Norway)

  • Visma Administration (Sweden)

  • Mamut One Bureau (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands)

  • DI-Business (Norway)

  • Visma Global (Norway)

Additional integrations are being made available soon. If your solution is not listed here, contact us to get a status update.