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Visma.net Advisor
The core of your business

Visma.net Advisor helped us increase our profit

Website: vigres.no

Location: Sarpsborg, Norway

Industry: Accounting

Overview: Founded in 1987, 22 employees using Visma.net. Specialise in financial services for kindergartens

Solution: Visma.net Advisor

Key Results: Excellent overview, simplified planning and increased efficiency

Vigres Byrå required a new tool for planning, streamlining and tracking their assignments and employees in a more modern way. They chose web based Visma.net Advisor that provides them with the support required to make better decisions and increase their profitability.

Keneth Abelson Kenneth Abelson, Project Manager at Vigres Byrå

“Visma.net Advisor provides an excellent overview of the status of all of our tasks. We are able to see how far we have come, and when a task must be completed. It simplifies planning and increases efficiency.”