Make the most of your inventory

Gain control – Boost profits – Achieve a balanced inventory. Revolutionise the way you track your inventory with Logistics. Launching soon.

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Know your margins

Say goodbye to miscalculations and lost profits. Logistics provides an always updated gross profit margin for the products you are selling. Have a complete overview of the history of your sales.

Better customer experience

Having updated information means you can give your customers correct estimates. Logistics gives you the confidence you need when communicating delivery dates and prices to your customers.

Improve your purchase processes

To make sure that all of your purchases are accomplished as smoothly as possible, you need the right tools to support you. With Logistics, your sales orders will connect to a purchase order, where you have the option to deliver directly from your vendor to the end customer. 


Improve data accuracy

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, having access to reliable data is extremely important. You need accurate data to make critical business decisions – from handling inventory to managing cash flow. Logistics will support you and your operations by consistently providing accurate data.

Save time on your processes

Automating processes is an important step in achieving a more efficient workflow. With Logistics, you can start spending less time on manual work, and more time on growing and improving your business.

Know what you have in stock

Managing your expenses carefully can sometimes seems like walking a tightrope. Making sure you have the right amount of products at the right time is a real balancing act. Logistics helps you save money and puts the control back in your hands.


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