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The accounting industry is at a crossroads; modernise or accept a slow demise.
We are ready to help you embrace change today with an online solution that allows you to collaborate with your customers in a more innovative way. Discover a more profitable business model that puts you back in the driver’s seat and lets you provide the same service with better transparency and faster results.

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Customer collaboration includes a complete set of fully integrated services, allowing you to work with your customers in a more innovative way. It enables online collaboration anywhere, at anytime, and on any device.

Key collaboration processes

  • Purchase to payment
  • Order to cash/expense
  • Business decision making
  • Financial management
  • Travel expenses

By introducing this new way of working and collaborating, simplifies your daily operations, helping you become more efficient, cost effective and gives you a competitive advantage.


Business automation

As the Nordics leading supplier of business solutions, Visma has many years’ experience in business automation. These processes have been built into in a way no other competitor can match.

Key automation processes

  • Incoming invoices
  • Outgoing invoices
  • Credit control
  • Payments
  • Expense claims

The major benefit of automated accounting is that it saves you time and eliminates manual registrations, which frees up 40-60% of your time. All transactions will be done in the right time frame, with higher quality and you only need to verify and handle exceptions. So you can spend more time developing your business and customer relationships, instead of focussing on tedious and time consuming tasks.


A profitable business model

The cloud has forever changed the landscape of client services and is now putting more power back in the accountant’s hands. By moving from a client centric approach to an accountant centric approach, we are introducing a profitable business model for accounting practices that puts them back in the driver’s seat.

The accountant centric model lets you work collaboratively with your customers while you remain in control. You act as coach, project leader and advisor and can offer customers completely new types of services. This new business model, along with how to adopt it, is illustrated in our free guide

Key benefits

  • Collaboration makes it possible for each party to do what they do best
  • Customer errors diminish drastically
  • The accounting costs will be more stable and predictable for your customers
  • You can spend your time building customer relationships and gaining new business
  • Both you and your customer become more efficient and profitable

By collaborating with the customer in this way, you are working smarter, providing the same service more cost effectively, but with better transparency and faster results. When your core processes are more efficient and transparent you can focus on adding value to the customer and helping them become successful which  will make you more successful too.


Practice Management includes an internal administration solution that is tailored to the modern accounting practice. It works at the core of your business helping you plan, manage, track and control staff, clients, tasks and communications.

This gives you a single, unified view of your customers and your practice, while your employees get a full overview of the tasks they need to handle.

Key benefits

  • Gives you complete control over all tasks
  • Let’s you monitor progress and workflow to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Allows you to easily delegate tasks and ensures you are meeting your deadlines
  • Documents are stored in one place and always accessible
  • Enables you to analyse tasks and customers to determine profitability is an easy to use, powerful and profitable solution for the modern accounting practice.

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Stay ahead of the competition

To remain successful in today’s ever increasingly digital business work, you need to consider changing your business model. We help you embrace change today so you can meet these challenges with an online collaboration platform that lets you work together with your customers in a more innovative way.