1. How much does Visma.net cost?

Price overview

Visma.net Financials with smart deployment from €60 per month
Visma.net Financials with custom deployment from €100 per month
Visma.net Expense from €5 per user
Visma.net AutoPay from €12 per month
Visma.net AutoInvoice from €0,40 per invoice
Visma.net SuperOffice CRM from €49 per month

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2. What are the main benefits of cloud solutions?

- Deployment is fast and efficient
- No big upgrade scenarios, always on the latest release
- Easily accessible, anywhere, anytime, on any device
- Servers, back-up routines and installations are managed safely in the cloud
- Makes day-to-day operations easier and enhances business efficiency

Learn more in our free whitepaper: Is your business considering the cloud?

3. Can I run Visma.net on any device I want?

Yes. Visma.net is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. As long as you have an Internet connection, then Visma.net is with you 24/7.

4. Can Visma.net handle electronic invoicing?

Yes. Visma.net AutoInvoice is a web-based service that is seamlessly integrated with Visma.net Financials. It allows you to send and receive electronic invoices directly from your financial management solution.

Learn more about Visma.net AutoInvoice

5. Can I make automated electronic payments with Visma.net?

Yes. Visma.net AutoPay eliminates the manual steps previously required to send and receive electronic payments. They are replaced by a streamlined workflow that can be managed directly within Visma.net Financials.

 Learn more about Visma.net AutoPay

6. Can Visma.net handle travel and expense reimbursements?

Yes. Visma.net Expense is the markets easiest and most effective travel expense solution. Make completing travel and expense reimbursements a breeze with Visma.net Expense.

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7. Will there be other services added to Visma.net in the future?

Yes. We strive to constantly improve and expand our current service offering. Our ambition is to develop and increase our services to meet the ever-changing business environment.

8. Is my data secure?

Yes. With Visma.net you can rest assured that the technical and organisational security measures to protect your data from loss, misuse and unauthorised alteration are firmly in place.

Learn more about our security measures

9. Can I export my data if I terminate my contract?

Yes. Even though we store your data, you still own your data. Therefore, if you were to terminate your contract you would be able to export all of your data at any time.

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