Pricing provides a diverse array of services that can easily be scaled to fit your unique and ever-growing business needs. Below you will find an overview of the prices and packages currently available for 

To ensure that you do not have to buy services that you don’t need, we have divided our offers into different services.  You are able to build a solution suited for your company`s needs. 

Price overview

ProductPrice Financials from €45 Logistics €70 AutoPay Up to €0,25 per invoice AutoInvoice Up to €0,37 per invoice Approval from €8 Fixed Assets €35 Sub Accounts €35 Advanced Financials* €290 Expense From €5

* Advanced Financials includes Sub Accounts, Automation and Fixed Assets

Detailed prices Financials Financials contains functionality for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Differed Revenue, Taxes, and Currency Management.. Financials€45
2-10 users €45
11-25 users €40
26+ users €35
Additional companies €25
Start up fee €600

Add more Functionality Approval

from €8 per user

  • 1-99 users: €10 per user
  • 100+ users: €8 per user Approval Expense

from €5 per user

  • 1-99 users: €6 per user
  • Over 100 users: €5 per user

The fastest way to make accurate expense claims is with Expense AutoPay

up to €0,25 per transaction

Secure, fast and easy online payments with AutoPay

Package sizePaymentsPrice per monthPrice per transaction
Pay per transaction N/A N/A €0,25
XS 30 €6 €0,22
S 60 €12 €0,21
M 200 €37 €0,19
L 1000 €123 €0,12
XL 2000 €185 €0,09


See all package options and details AutoInvoice

Up to €0,37 per transaction

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with AutoInvoice

Package sizee-DocumentPrice per monthPrice per transaction
Pay per transaction 1 N/A €0,37
XS 40 €12 €0,31
S 80 €24 €0,31
M 220 €61 €0,28
L 500 €122 €0,25
XL 1000 €215 €0,21
XXL 5000 €920 €0,18


e-Documents 1
Sending Price variations per country
Receiving Price variations per country
Print services  
Print, priority postage, domestic, front page + up to 2 invoice pages Price variations per country
Print, priority postage, international, front page + up to 2 invoice pages Price variations per country
Print, per extra page, priority mail domestic and international Price variations per country
Electronic returns on invoices unable to process Price variations per country
Scanning services  
Received through mail, OCR, validation, QA N/A
Paper invoice rerouted scanning, OCR, validation, QA  Price variations per country
Mail returns per sending (non-invoice mails sent to scanning centre)  Price variations per country

See all package options and details


Support pricing

Basic support are included, but customers purchasing directly from Visma have access to extended support. The price for extended support is 25% of subscription fee (does not apply to AutoInvoice and AutoPay).

Pricing model provides you with predictable expenses. It follows user, module, and transaction based pricing, which provides a clear overview of the services your company is using. This gives better insight when making future decisions.

User Based Pricing: This pricing model is based on how many users are assigned to an application role within The customer is invoiced based on the total number of application roles that have been purchased. This model applies to the following services:

  • Financials 
  • Expense
  • Approval

Transaction Based Pricing: This pricing model is based on how many transactions are processed for a particular service. A transaction is a result of an execution of a business process, such as a payment or invoice. The customer is invoiced in areas based on the transactions consumed, over and above what is included within the AutoPay package over the last three-months. This model applies to the following services:

  • AutoPay
  • AutoInvoice

Module Based Pricing: This pricing model is based on the fact that you have bought the rights to use the module within the company with all it`s features. This means you pay one price for each module and all employees have full access. This applies to the following services:

  • Logistics
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sub Accounts
  • Automation
  • Advanced Financials

Visma’s mobile apps are free for download from Apple’s App Store, Google Play or Microsoft’s Windows Store. 
Note: in order to use the mobile apps you have to be granted access to the service.

Terms and conditions

The initial subscription period for is 12 months with an up-front payment for the subscription amount; all additional subscription services will be invoiced for the remaining subscription period. The following invoice period will be quarterly. All transaction usage will be invoiced per quarter

Downgrade/cancellation of services must be done within 30 days of contract renewal.

The prices outlined on this page are indicative only. Please refer to your local pricing page for local prices.

Visma strives to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date product and pricing information. However, it is important to be aware that pricing information is subject to change, and therefore some discrepancies may arise.