Visma.net has produced a broad range of whitepapers and guides covering various topics and trends within the technology industry. Please feel free to download the whitepaper or guide most relevant to your needs and at any time, you are able to contact us for more information.

2017 Nordic State of Digitisation Report

November 2017

We surveyed over 3,000 businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark asking them to estimate how digital their work processes are. Find out what they said. 

Startup Success Index 2017

April 2017

We surveyed over 500 small businesses and startups in Norway, asking them what their biggest pain points were when they first started their business.

3 Ways small businesses can become more data-driven

March 2017

Download our free guide to clarify how small businesses can gain actionable insights from their existing data, without investing a fortune in a team of specialised data scientists.

Six steps to achieve change in your accounting practice

February 2017

Change isn't always welcomed with open arms. As a manager, how do you implement change in your accounting practice? This guide provides tips on how to encourage change and create an environment that does the same.

10 Reasons to fall in love with Visma

December 2016

Choosing the right software supplier is a crucial decision and can contribute to defining your future business success. Within this guide, we have outlined 10 reasons why Visma is the best software supplier on the market.

5 Pitfalls of Spreadsheets for Accounting Professionals

November 2016

This whitepaper looks at the 5 main pitfalls of spreadsheets for accounting professionals and addresses why it’s time for CFOs to say goodbye to the spreadsheet.

10 Pitfalls of Spreadsheets

October 2016

This whitepaper looks at the 10 main pitfalls of spreadsheets for project-oriented organisations and addresses why it’s time for CFOs to say goodbye to the spreadsheet.

Visma.net flexibility and configurability whitepaper

September 2016

Identifying the customer’s needs is important, that much we know. But why do businesses need flexibility and reconfigurability? This guide covers how much customers are willing to pay for adjustments and the configuration of maintenance costs.

AO Checklist and workbook for digital transition

August 2016

Set the ground rules for your future accounting practices with this Checklist and Workbook.

Process automation

July 2016

This guide covers what process automation is, the difference between SaaS and cloud computing, the benefits of process automation and the steps you can take to benefit from process automation.

HRM in the digital age

June 2016

This guide goes through a few of the many benefits of going digital - specifically for HR professionals.

Does your accounting practice have a strong online presence?

May 2016

This guide provides five tips to help accounting practices strengthen their online presence through their website's content, social media, search engine optimisation and more.

How innovative are you?

March 2016

This guide talks about innovation and why it is important to be adaptable to change, specifically in the digital realm, and how to become more innovative.

Start your small business today

March 2016

If you find yourself wondering where to start with launching your own business, this guide is for you. We have outlined five ways for you to get started on making your idea a reality.


Achieve actionable insights with data

March 2016

This guide explores the benefits of using data-driven metrics. Readers will find out how data can be turned into insights, which leads to making correct business decisions.

Efficient Invoice Handling

February 2016

This guide will informs readers on the importance of automating this processes and what to consider when getting started. It is intended for accountants who are currently using paper based or manual processes, and those interested in improving their existing workflow processes.

Traditional vs Modern CFOs

January 2016

With the help of this guide, CFOs will be able to clearly see the main differences between a traditional CFO and a modern CFO. Our goal is to educate CFOs on the benefits of becoming more modernised by adapting solutions that automate their daily tasks.

How APIs are revolutionising the way we buy software

October 2015

APIs are at the heart of every major information technology trend today. By enabling data sharing via API between one organisation to another, APIs facilitate not only the distribution of knowledge, but also the design of innovative online services.

Inventory Management

September 2015

Inventory is often times a distributer’s biggest asset. More money is tied up in inventory than buildings or equipment and it is harder to turn inventory back into cash to pay employees and expenses. As a distributer, if you do not have money invested in the right amount of products, you cannot provide your service to customers.

Benefits of modern reporting for accounting practices

August 2015

Accountants wear many hats and need to keep track of numerous things at once. This guide tells how to determine if it is time for accountants to update to a modern practice management solution.

5 Reasons why your accounting practice should enable self-service

August 2015

This guide explores the benefits of accounting with self-service. It provides in-depth information to help support accountants with the facts they need to begin using self-service to stay competitive.

Benefits of a modern reporting solution

July 2015

One way of proving your worth to your clients is by showing them rather than telling them. The proof is in the numbers and the numbers are in the reports.  However, many reports are difficult to understand and oftentimes end up being misread or ignored.

Have you considered updating to a modern practice management solution?

June 2015

In this guide, we will cover how to determine if it is time to update to a modern practice management solution and five things to consider when choosing your new solution.

How to master the inventory balancing act

May 2015

By balancing the ability to offer the right inventory to the right consumer at the right time, you can concentrate more on meeting consumer demands and minimising inventory costs. This in turn leads to improved customer service and loyalty, which can help improve profits. Read more to find out if your business is making any of the 4 most common inventory mistakes.

What does the single ledger mean for your accounting practice?

February 2015

This guide explores the many benefits of accounting with the single ledger. It provides in-depth information to help support accountants and their clients with the facts they need to make the move from the double ledger to the single ledger.

Automated process for travel expense claims

January 2015

The aim of smooth travel expense and expense claim handling is that when employees register their expenses, the information is in the right format for both automation of the process and the financial administration. This is affected by multiple factors.

13 Questions you need to ask before changing your company’s ERP system

January 2015

This guide addresses 13 important questions that every company should consider before changing their ERP system.

How can you still be profitable & develop your business on a cloud based business solutions?

January 2015

This guide looks at how partners can still be profitable and develop their business on cloud based business solutions. It is intended to be used towards partners, to help convince them of the many benefits of becoming a certified Visma.net Partner.

What does going paperless mean for your business?

January 2015

This guide is intended for those companies that are still considering electronic financial administration or parts of it. It is also beneficial for companies that are already partially using electronic financial administration as it provides valuable insight for them.

5 Tips for optimum performance: For professional services organisations

January 2015

This guide provides five tips for optimal efficiency that will help your organisation regain control over your processes and enhance your productivity. The time to optimise performance and gain more control is now.

10 tips to enhance your company’s digital success

December 2014

This guide looks at why the digital experience of consumers is a make or break factor for your business. It includes 10 tips to help you create a great digital experience, along with 10 tips to help you avoid losing customers.

Business Intelligence in SMBs

October 2014

This whitepaper looks at what Business Intelligence (BI) is, how it works, the latest trends and how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from these tools. It also addresses the main challenges, and provides five tips to help SMBs better utilise their data. It is particularly targeted towards SMBs who are in need of easy to use tools that support fact based decision making.

Electronic Invoicing – A guide to paperless success

August 2014

This guide looks at what electronic invoicing is and what it means for your company. It addresses e-invoicing adoption, compliance and looks at the international e-invoicing market.

Is your company ready for the mobile business revolution?

August 2014

This whitepaper looks at the evolution of mobile and the growth of mobile apps both within our personal and professional lives. It focuses on the mobile business wave, which is now well and truly under way, and leading to business growth and innovation via mobile.

How to boost collaboration with cloud technology

May 2014

This guide focuses on how cloud technology can improve business collaboration. It examines why people are reluctant to collaborate, the trends that make collaboration vital for success and looks at the five main ways the cloud can boost business collaboration and benefit businesses.

On-premises vs. Cloud – Make the right choice for your business

March 2014

This guide attempts to demystify the on-premises vs. cloud dilemma and highlights what business owners need to consider in making the right choice for their company. It examines the different variations of on-premises and cloud approaches; namely hosting, SaaS and Hybrid.

Why and how Accounting Practices should adjust their business model

February 2014

This guide focuses on the transition from hourly billing to value added pricing. It provides an overview of the steps required to adopt a new and more profitable business model; one that allows accounting practices to collaborate more closely with their clients.

Is your business considering the cloud? Why it should be!

January 2014

This whitepaper on cloud computing examines the evolution of cloud computing. It provides in-depth information to help support top management decision makers and addresses the benefits as well as the challenges.

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