Streamline your workflow and reduce costs by going paperless

  • Improve cashflow
  • Get paid quickly and easily
  • Invoice from your mobile
  • Have a better connection with customers

Streamline your invoicing process AutoInvoice works behind the scenes on all ingoing and outgoing electronic documents.  The solution gives you full control over your invoicing and ensures a streamlined workflow. It contains support for sending, receiving and converting electronic invoices and credit notes. It also supports a number of international and national formats.

How does the solution work?

If both the sender and receiver are using AutoInvoice, the invoice will be sent directly to the recipients’ electronic mailbox in AutoInvoice. You can login to AutoInvoice and control whether the recipient is an AutoInvoice user from there. If the recipient is using a different solution, then the process will vary and additional criteria must be met.

Benefits for the receiver

  • No more scanning  paper invoices
  • Correct and automated posting suggestions and proposals
  • Important data (due date, invoice number, amount, etc.)  is always accurate

Benefits for the sender

  • No more printing, packaging or mailing invoices
  • Increased control - electronic invoices can be tracked and followed
  • Data is recorded quickly and accurately in recipients solution AutoInvoice Features

National support

A growing number of government agencies and business  are using electronic invoices. AutoInvoice supports national formats.

Automating the invoice process

Set up the Invoicing process to automatically send all invoices to AutoInvoice.

Document traceability

The electronic paper gives you the full traceability and documentation you need to be transparent.

Integration AutoInvoice is directly integrated with Financials. It can also be used in with other Visma solutions.