Send and receive invoices directly from your financial management solution

More and more of your customers will expect and demand that they receive invoices electronically. That is, invoices or credit notes in the form of an electronic file containing the invoice information in a structured format.

So to make this possible, we have integrated AutoInvoice directly into your Visma financial management solution.

Watch the video about, and learn how via automation, you can enhance efficiency in your business.

Streamline the invoicing process AutoInvoice gives you full control over your invoicing and ensures a streamlined workflow. The solution contains support for sending (print, email, xml), receiving (xml and scanning) and conversion of electronic invoices and credit notes. It also supports a number of international and national formats.


  • A faster and more efficient invoicing process
  • Reduced costs and human errors
  • A paperless invoicing process

Why start with electronic invoicing?

A growing number of government agencies are demanding electronic invoices. Therefore, electronic invoicing is becoming common practice and the benefits are irrefutable. 

“The major advantage of having AutoInvoice integrated into our financial management solution is the substantial savings due to the fact that we no longer need to print, package, send and process customer bills”.
Ann Christine Storeide, Markedsansvarlig, Aval AS

Advantages of electronic invoicing

Both the sender and receiver benefit from cost savings as electronic invoicing reduces printing.

For the receiver

  • No need to open mail
  • No scanning of paper invoices
  • The invoice can be read directly from within your financial management solution
  • Important data, such as due date, invoice number, amount and so forth will be entered accurately with no risk for errors, unlike scanning and manual entry
  • Correct and automated posting suggestions and proposals AutoInvoice

For the sender

  • You no longer need to print, package and mail invoices
  • The invoice takes less time to reach the recipient
  • You have increased control as electronic invoices can be tracked and followed
  • The data is recorded quickly and accurately in recipients solution
  • There is an increased probability that the invoice will be paid on time AutoInvoice

How does the solution work?

If both the sender and receiver are using AutoInvoice, the invoice will be sent directly to the recipients’ electronic mailbox in AutoInvoice. You can login to AutoInvoice and control whether the recipient is an AutoInvoice user from there. If the recipient is using a different solution, then the process will vary and additional criteria must be met.

Who is the solution for? AutoInvoice is designed to benefit all types of customers - whether big or small, simple or complex – electronic invoicing provides both time and cost savings advantages. AutoInvoice supports sending invoices:

  • B2B
  • B2C (Currently only available in Norway)
  • B2G

Integrations AutoInvoice is directly integrated with Financials. It can also be used in conjunction with the following Visma financial management solutions:

Visma Business
Visma Global
Visma Control
Visma Contracting
Visma Mamut
Visma Avendo
Visma eAccounting
Visma Administration
Visma Webfaktura
Visma Business Byrå
Visma Enterprise
Visma Document Centre 

Since AutoInvoice is tightly integrated with your financial management solution, it provides a seamless business process where human error is eliminated and efficiency enhanced.

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