Business Intelligence in SMBs

Business Intelligence: 5 Tips to help SMBs

Due to the increased volume of data that all organisations are now dealing with, Business Intelligence (BI) has become an essential component of successful fact based business decision making for all companies, regardless of their size or complexity.

Just like their larger competitors, SMB’s need ready access to the data that is trapped inside their ERP, Financial Management, CRM and other business solutions. What’s more, it is essential that SMBs align their growth strategy with the right management tools in order to face today’s ever-changing markets and technologies.

Thanks to the recent BI trends, which show that these solutions are now becoming much cheaper and more flexible, they are now also much more suited for companies in the SMB segment. The latest BI tools allow SMBs to define their own KPIs and work in a more dynamic nature, without intervention from external consultants.

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Within this whitepaper, we examine what BI is, how it works, the latest trends and how SMBs can benefit from BI tools. Furthermore, we also address the main challenges, what business information SMBs should be looking at and provide five tips to help SMBs better utilise their data.

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