Is my company's data secure in the cloud?

Cloud security concerns unveiled

Cloud computing has evolved through a series of phases, and most organisations already take advantage of cloud efficiencies with email and collaboration tools. This trend towards the cloud and SaaS based applications is driven by the need to innovate, simplify and cut costs. For most businesses, these benefits are just too compelling to overlook.

However, all businesses are under internal and external pressure and security is the major concern connected to the cloud.

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In this guide, we have attempted to address the security concerns on the lips of those considering the cloud, “is my data secure”, “who can access my data”, “how is my data backed up”, “where is my data stored”, “can I trust the service provider” and so forth. What’s more, we have also outlined the pros and cons of the cloud, the cloud trends, and looked closely at what cloud security entails.

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