Expense reports the easy way

Automate travel and business expense reporting, streamline approvals, gain visibility and take control.

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Visma.net Expense simplifies life on the road. Your employees take a picture of their receipt, add the necessary information and send their expenses to their manager for approval.  You can link your credit card to the solution and also use GPS to track your mileage. Visma.net Expense provides your organisation with a modern and efficient expense and reimbursement solution. 

For managers

  • No double entry
  • Always available and up-to-date
  • Integrated with Visma's payroll systems
  • Expense claims can be approved via web or mobile

For employees

  • GPS tracking
  • Linked to your credit card
  • Travel expenses can easily be completed 

Import mileage directly into the solution

Separate route tracking apps track your mileage and sends it to the solution. Customise what you get reimbursed for and see how much you have paid in tolls.

Upload electronic receipts and expense reports

Your credit card is linked to the solution, so your transactions are automatically imported, ready for you to validate.

Take a picture of your receipts

With the Visma Attach app, you can take a picture of your receipt and send it to the solution. Expenses, receipts and mileage will be available in the solution after a trip.

Approve expense claims on the go

With the Visma Mobile Manager app, you can approve expense claims on the go via your mobile or tablet.

Visma.net Expense can be used as a stand alone solution or it can be integrated with Visma payroll systems. The integration ensures that all eligible travel expenses will be added to the payroll system quickly and easily. The end result? Remaining a step ahead of your competition.