A powerful solution to run your business Financials Financials is a complete accounting and financial management system that runs all your financial business processes efficiently from the cloud. Financials contains functionality for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Differed Revenue, Taxes, and Currency Management. Combined with AutoPay, AutoInvoice, and Approval, you can automate and customise your financial business processes.



Make better decisions

By getting up-to-date information on the state of your business, you are able to make informed decisions and forecasts. 

Access anywhere, anytime

Cloud based solutions allow for anytime, anywhere access, from any device.

Be more efficient

Eliminate the manual processes so your accounting team can focus on producing reports and creating better insights.

Save cost

Paying only for what you need and cutting high investment costs saves you money.

Reduce errors

Tight integration will reduce errors. Receive electronic purchase invoices so “Entry of Data” will be less, meaning more time to concentrate on approving and analysing data.

Integrate with your bank

With banking incorporated in the solution, you are able to assign the security level that is needed for your organisation.

A tailored solution to grow your business

  • Financial Reporting: 
    A reporting tool that supports your business’ registration structure is important. Financials can design a tailored output for your business requirement (web, email, Excel, PDF).

  • Audit Trails: Financials give you full traceability on how transactions have been posted, and which processes have been used by specific users. You cannot delete a transaction that is posted, meaning you will have 100% audit traceability.
  • Dashboards & Inquires: 
    Empower Your Employees. Financials gives you freedom to create Dashboards and Inquires with a self-service approach. Having access to up-to-to date info allows for improved decision-making.
  • User roles:
    Working with many users in an organisation limits functional processes, restricts field level access, and limits information access.  Separation is necessary for employee and department levels. Financials supports these needs from department level segregation.
  • Automate processes: Financials can perform repetitive tasks via Automation so you can free up resources and get better data input. Watch the video to see how automation works in

Electronic payments AutoPay AutoPay is an integrated part of Financials; it automates your bank accounts pay flow. You can work with multiple bank accounts for domestic and foreign payments. With AutoPay, customers will always be updated automatically so you know the exact outstanding of your accounts receivable.

Electronic invoicing AutoInvoice

Sending and receiving documents electronically means saying goodbye to manually entering data, leaving more time to focus on approving and analysing data. By streamlining your processes, you will get consistent data that is always up to date.  

Invoice Approval Made Easy Approval Approval keeps track of your supplier invoices, such as who has and who has not approved an invoice. You can drill down to specific details like who, what, when, where, and why. Approval organises all supplier invoices electronically and gives you instant insights on vendor costs. with custom deployment

Luckily, you do not have to pay for functionalities that are not necessary. Build your solution based on what you need. Alternatively, you can have it all with Advanced Financials. Advanced Financials

After buying Advanced Financials, you will have access to Sub Accounts, Automation, and Fixes Assets.


Working with different subsidiaries in different countries and currencies is challenging. Advanced Financials offers a standard tool for consolidating subsidiaries and performing financial statement translations to the currency of your choice.

Do you need to perform complex allocations of indirect costs? This can be a time consuming process. Advanced Financials lets you create templates for different allocation scenarios, and you can set up rules for distributing the allocation amount over several accounts subaccounts with various distribution method of cost, such as ‘By percent,’ ‘By weight,’ ‘By Distributed by Account YTD,’ and several others.

Security Advanced Financials offers security on the highest level and provides a wide range of access approaches, such as role-based access, and group access. Security policies can be configured for user accounts, password and auditing. 

Automate Recurring Transactions

Recurring transactions in Advanced Financials helps you save time by assigning a schedule to the post batch for the next time a similar batch occurs.

Calculate Base Currency

Currency revaluations Advanced Financials helps you perform this task on your customer, supplier, and General Ledger accounts. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, Advanced Financials helps you perform a task that recalculates the balance in the base currency. Advanced Financials gives insights when working with multiple currencies.

Branches (Only in the Netherlands) Financials offers support for multiple entities that share the same accounting setup. Branches centralises your accounting data so there is no need for separate consolidation. Your cash flow is centralised across entities. On boarding new entities on the fly has never been easier. Sub Accounts

If you need more than two standard sub accounts, create more and customise the structure according to your registration of transactions and reporting. When you define document workflows, the sub account structure can be used in Approval. Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module provides functionality that enables you to create fixed assets, track them through their useful life, depreciate them, and dispose them. You no longer need to use spreadsheets to keep track of assets, you are able to convert purchases to assets and get reports on net asset value, split and transfers. Automation

Fine-tune your business routines with scheduling your time-sensitive processes. Tailor your output for daily use of inquiries of vital information, or create complex financial reports that can automatically be sent out.