Bring your data to life

Download free guide helps you keep track of your business. By automating your processes, you will spend less time working on numbers and more time perfecting your insights. See all of your KPI metrics in one place and always be on top of your business’s health.

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Analysing data

Valuable information lies within your financial system. You can find the data, but how do you visually organize it? Easily get the correct information in a visual way.

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Make your own dashboard

Companies are relying more on KPIs and reports to make the right decisions. With over 40 standard KPIs, you can create your own dashboard based on your needs and your wants.

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Real-time insight

You must be able to report numbers at any time. Find the answers with real-time data quickly and allow recipients to make informed business decision.

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Empower the organization

Involve your entire organization in understanding the dashboards, making it easier to make data-driven decisions throughout the company.

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Available on mobile, desktop and tablet, access the data wherever you are – Insights dashboards are designed to look great on any device.

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Getting started today

With only a few clicks, Insights lets you transform raw financial data into the beautiful language of visualization - no IT required.

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We are now launching Insights, making Financials more suitable for your business. Are you using metrics that matter?

Learn more about the importance of data-driven routines by downloading our free guide today.