Improve your logistics

  • Control costs
  • Track multiple locations
  • Deliver directly to customers
Download product sheet Logistics helps you manage your business faster and more efficiently. Streamline your inventory processes with improved accuracy and insights. From purchasing to warehousing, sales, and financials, you'll have insights throughout the whole process. 

Increased profits

Say goodbye to miscalculations and lost profits. Logistics is always updated on the gross profit on the items you sell. You also get a full overview of all sales history.

Better customer experience

With updated and accurate information, you can safely give your customers information about price and delivery date. Logistics gives you the confidence you need to always deliver what you have promised.

Improve your purchase processes

With Logistics, you get a tool that supports smooth and efficient procurement handling. Your sales can be linked directly to purchase orders. You also have the ability to deliver directly from the supplier to the end customer.

Higher data quality

In an increasingly competitively market is access to reliable data is essential. You depend on accurate and current information to make important decisions, related to everything from inventory to cash. Logistics supports your business by consistently ensuring high-quality data.

Save time on your processes

Automating key processes is an important step towards an efficient workflow. Logistics eliminates manual tasks and frees up time and resources that can instead be used for growth and value creation.

Know what you have in stock

Managing your expenses carefully can sometimes seems like walking a tightrope. Making sure you have the right amount of products at the right time is a real balancing act. Logistics helps you save money and puts the control back in your hands. Logistics:

  • Helps wholesalers meet customer demands
  • Keeps track of costs
  • Eliminates expensive inventory write-offs
  • Lowers inventory levels
  • Improves operating margins
Drop shipments

Delivers products directly to a customer’s location by automatically creating a purchase order from a sales order.

Link sales with purchase

Sales orders can automatically generate purchase orders or can be linked manually.


Improves your cash flow and ensures the right amount of inventory. Generates purchase orders based on stock level and replenishment algorithms.

Multiple warehouses

Manages multiple warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations and costs.