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Let your sales soar with CRM in the cloud

Give your sales reps the tool they need to optimise their sales efforts and stay connected to the customer.

With your CRM fully integrated in your business solution you can ensure that your customer data is top notch – and that your sales and marketing activities are as effective as possible.

  • Access your CRM on the go – on any device
  • Always up-to-date information, anywhere, anytime
  • Award-winning user-friendliness
  • Easy to learn, your sales reps will be operational almost straight away
  • Automatic synchronisation of customer, supplier, and contact person data

Super functionality from the start SuperOffice CRM is a hosted full featured CRM designed to give you a full 360° view of your customers and to support all of your business process needs from contact management to sales and marketing. SuperOffice CRM is even more powerful with its seamless Financials integration. Your sales reps will have financial key figures of their business connections at their fingertips. The integration also ensures synchronisation of important customer, supplier, and contact person data.

Just buy access and you should be ready to go. All the most common features and reports are included by default. Sales forecasts are easy to generate without any configuration.

Easy to use

Due to its interactive and intuitive interface SuperOffice CRM is easy to learn and simple to use. eLearning is even installed in the help section to support you along the way.

It’s a simple task to find, create and store information about customers and contacts.

The workflow is fast and efficient and SuperOffice CRM will assist you all the way.