Financials is an integrated and complete solution that fully automates processes, and manages complex, repetitive accounting operations.

Automate your work

  • Automate daily processes
  • Time scheduling
  • Remove manual entries

Manual processes are tedious and time-consuming. standardises and automates business processes locally and across multiple locations.

The costs associated with manual work and human errors are high. combines automation with productivity to improve your core business processes. Speed up monthly processes such as order to cash and purchase to pay.

Automating financial processes gives you real-time data on the status of your company. Having a better understanding of the health of the business leads to making better financial decisions. Setup time scheduling to continuously perform your daily workload.


Electronic Invoicing

Automate your invoice process by sending and receiving invoices electronically.
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Connect with bank

Send and receive bank transactions automatically and get your bank statement for bank reconciliation
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Automate document workflow

Process and approve documents for your vendor invoices
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Import & export possibilities

Exchange data that saves data entry time via CSV file, spreadsheet format, or a defined format

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Multiple company consolidation

  • Traceability
  • No manual errors
  • Automation

Drill down into accounts for detailed transaction information, which will ensure accuracy and efficiency when working on the consolidated group level.

Today you may be spending a lot of time putting data into spreadsheets, or have controller consolidating your data, or pay for a third party solution to save time. With, you can can save both the time and costs by consolidating data within the service. Handle transactions, reporting, and reconciliations from multiple companies in multiple currencies.

Reporting the correct numbers can be challenging. Eliminate the manual work and rest assured that what you report is always correct. Internal transactions are a time consuming task. By automating this process, you no longer need to follow the transactions manually or locate internal invoices.


Currency translation

Perform financial statement translations with multiple subsidiaries in a foreign currency

Consolidate reports

that can be customised for your business

Consolidation Adjustments

Make adjustments at group level to eliminate intercompany profits

Different charts of accounts

Converting several different chart of accounts into a group chart of accounts

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Gain financial control of your inventory

  • Real-time profitability measurements
  • Inventory value is reflected in the balance sheets
  • Fully-integrated stock management

Integrate your logistics process with your core financials operation to run complex logistics operations. When you sell something in the system by posting a Sales Invoice, all modules are automatically updated. Financials integrates with your logistics process, giving you full control of your current stock balance. Every stock movement is recorded on the financial balance sheets.

Traceability gives you complete control of your inventory. Measure trends and spot problems by assigning reason codes to inventory transactions, or link your logistics operations to subaccount to measure profitability in real time.


Inventory reason codes

Spot inventory irregularities with reason codes


Trace all logistics process directly to your profit and loss and balance sheets

Correct information

Provide the sales team with updated customer balances

Real-time profitability

Real-time presentations of logistics information of profit & loss

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Control visibility

  • All KPIs are on one dashboard
  • Real-time presentations on business information
  • Adapts to your business needs

Have real-time financial analysis with daily operational reporting and trackable KPIs. Get deeper, richer insights and keep decisions smart. Choose from multiple KPIs, and have the option to create your own dashboards that adapt to your specific needs.

Compiling the correct numbers and bringing all of the information together for monthly or weekly reports is time-consuming. With, you are able to track important business drivers, view your financial health, and monitor key business objectives via your web browser or mobile.

Explore your data with standard or customised queries and graphs, click down on the level of detail to access underlying data sources, and display the voucher image. Have full traceability and control across all modules.



KPIs are easily distributed across all departments via web and mobile

Dashboards & inquires

Monitor your business in real-time by creating custom inquiries and dashboards

Analytic reporting

Know how your business is performing via advanced profit and loss reports

Explore the data

Explore a summary and detail level from any period, across modules, to source documents and voucher images

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Adaptable to your needs

  • Flexible design for registration model
  • Customise output design
  • Connect with other applications

Make the solution yours. With, you can customise numerous elements and functions, maximise efficiency, and always remain in control. Financials offers a comprehensive chart of accounts; you can also choose your own set that supports your business's unique needs.

Customise with ease. Flexible and simple designs will adapt to your business requirements. Create insightful dashboards and reports with drill down capability. Customise your sales invoices and credit notes with style sheets, colours, and columns.

Schedule incoming and outgoing data and processes to run at certain times. File exchange is easy to setup, no programming skills necessary.



Create ad hoc inquiries to support and report business processes

Analytic reports

Create advanced and comprehensive balance sheets

Scheduling & notifications

Decide when your processes will run and for how long


Exchange data via spreadsheets, CSV files, or an API with no limitation on sharing or exchanging data

Know your assets

  • Fully integrated with other modules
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Reduced risk with asset tracking

Have complete control of what you own. Know what each asset costs, where it is, and how much it’s worth. Track the entire lifecycle of your assets from procurement to disposal.

Fixed Assets tracks original, adjusted, and current asset value as well as acquired date and service date. With direct links to Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets will easily turn your purchases into fixed assets.


Multiple depreciation methods

Use the predefined depreciation schedules or create custom schedules

Fixed asset reporting

Have complete visibility into your assets and depreciation calculations

Multiple asset types

Manage multiple asset types like owned buildings, leases, and rentals

Fixed asset tools

Asset management tools let you split, transfer, or dispose your assets when needed

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