Startup Success Index 2017


Every year 50.000-60.000 startups see the light in Norway. However, only 50% survive the first year, and only 30% of those 50-60.000 survive the first 5 years.

What's the reason for this? What are their pain points? Do they miss certain information, tools, training in order to succeed? Is their preparation not thorough enough (regarding competition, patent, SWOT analysis)? Is it too difficult to find their way through the jungle of laws and regulations? Is it due to financial reasons?

Visma wanted to find out.

We surveyed over 500 small businesses and startups in Norway, asking them what their biggest pain points were when they first started their business.

This report will show you the findings and include advice from the startups we surveyed.

So whether you're just starting your company or have a wildly successful startup going, you'll want to check out this report! Learn what other startups have struggled with, wish they had done during their beginning phases and their top pieces of advice for other startups.