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It's now possible to access your payslips and receive alerts on the fly!

Visma Mobile Employee

Visma Mobile Employee is a free business app for your mobile device. It provides anyone who receives their payslip from Visma Lønn or Visma Avendo Lønn with quick and easy access to their payslips.

Visma Mobile Employee is a streamlined mobile app that allows you to: 

  • View your payslips
  • Drill-down to view all transactions
  • See the original payslip (PDF), if you wish to view all details
  • Setup automatic notifications for incoming payslips
  • Secure your app with a personalised security code

In order to be able to view your payslips within Visma Mobile Employee, your company is required to publish your payslips to Visma.net.

Visma Mobile Employee

Supported languages: English and Norwegian

Visma’s mobile apps are free for download from Apple’s App Store, Google Play or Microsoft’s Windows Store.
Note: you will need a valid user ID and licence role for the supporting Visma.net service​s.
For more information on Visma.net services, visit Visma.net

Visma Mobile Employee

Download Visma Mobile Employee from

Google Play

How to download Visma Mobile Employee

  1. Go to Google Play or iTunes App Store on your smartphone
  2. Search for ‘Visma Mobile Employee’
  3. Click ‘Install’ to download the App
  4. Sign in to Visma Mobile Manager with your regular Visma.net user ID and password
  5. Secure the app with a personalised security code
  6. Start using Visma Mobile Manager

Send me an email so I can access and download Visma Mobile Employee directly from my smart phone!