What's new Visma.net Expense

A new and improved version of Visma.net Expense has been released and we have listed the highlights below.

With the update of Visma.net Expense, we aim to help customers and partners with filling out and sending their travel receipts using fewer keystrokes and less time. 

Driving Log

Users are now able to view their travelling distances in the reporting module. In addition, users can define the specific period they want to see and view all information of interest, i.e. kilometres per trip.

A company administrator is also able to view the driving log for the employees in the same company.

To find the driving log report: Menu – Reports – Claim – Driving Log

For Administrators: Menu – Claim – Driving log for admin user

Filters on export files


“Export files” has been expanded with a new filter, “Claim status” for both payroll and bookkeeping. It is now possible to filter the following claim statuses: All, Approved, Paid and Booked.

To change payroll status: Menu – Reports – Bookkeeping – Generate bookkeeping file

To change bookkeeping status: Menu – Reports – Bookkeeping – Generate payroll transfer