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In the latest version of Visma.net, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.

Below we have listed some of the highlights from Visma.net Financials 4.01 and Visma.net Expense 1.2.

Preview invoice

It is now possible to preview an invoice from reports within the Invoice and Memos screen. This allows you to ensure that all elements of the customer invoice are correct before releasing it. You will always know which invoice you are viewing, as the top label clearly reflects the invoice status - Preview, Invoice or Copy. This gives you increased control over the quality of your invoice process.

Further payment automation

You are now able to further automate the payment process with automatic matching of Visma.net AutoPay files. You can process Get Incoming Payments or Get Bank Statements for more than one cash account at the same time. You are also provided with an overview of all bank payments and statements that are unmatched. This helps you to save time as the number of steps in the payment process has been reduced significantly.

Proportional VAT deductible

Since it is compulsory to report a proportionate share of VAT receivable in some European markets, we now support proportional VAT deductible. This gives you increased control and ensures that you are aligning with the rules and regulations for your country.

Send signed governmental reports to Altinn (NO)

It is now possible to send signed VAT reports to Altinn. All you need to do is define the correct configuration settings in the system and add Visma.net Financials to Altinn’s web portal. You can then start sending signed VAT reports. This will simplify your VAT reporting and make an otherwise complicated process much easier for you.

Send signed governmental reports to Belastingdienst (NL)

It is now possible to send signed VAT reports to Belastingdienst. All you need to do is define the correct configuration settings in the system. You can then start sending signed VAT reports and EC sales list directly to Belastingdienst. This will simplify your VAT and AC Sales reporting and make this process much easier for you.

Simplified work processes

The simplified work processes enables you to quickly and effortlessly register financial transactions. It has been designed for those who want fewer steps, fields and less complicated processes and information.

NB! From this release the basic view will be set as default for invoicing. You can change this in the user settings under default view by unchecking the Invoice box.

Simplified invoices and memos (basic)

You can now use the invoice and memos screen (basic) to quickly create invoices or memos based on preconfigured templates. You only need to complete the fields that are required for a standard invoice which saves you time. A new invoice search screen is also available as part of the simplified work processes. In addition you can also send your invoice directly to Visma.net AutoInvoice. Simple, easy and saves you time!

Simplified vendor bills

You can now use the invoice and journal templates (basic) screen to quickly create vendor bills. This has been introduced for those who are not registering journal entries on a daily or weekly basis so the functionality has been tailored for that purpose. Predefined templates simplify voucher registration and there are several templates to choose from. All you need to do is enter the vendor, reference, KID, amount and click Post. Therefore, no accounting knowledge is needed. This is yet another example of the many features in Visma.net that are designed specifically to simplify your daily work.

Module start page

A new start page is now available and includes a process map that illustrates the entry point and process flow within the different functionality, such as Financials. It provides quick access to the most important features via shortcuts that enable easy navigation. What’s more, dashboards in the lower part of the page provide an overview of the most important KPI’s, and can be customised to meet your needs. This new start page provides you with exceptional insight into the workflow of your daily tasks, and the dashboards give you an instant overview of your company’s status.

Knowledge & Support Centre

It is now possible to access the knowledge and support centre directly from within the system; so you can search for help, read the FAQs, post and reply to support tickets or chat directly within Visma.net. So finding information and solving any queries you may have is easier and more efficient than before.

New inquiries

In order to support your daily work, Visma have created 10 new inquiries which provide you with more information and better business insight. Sales by item, vendor list inquiry, customer list inquiry and accounts receivable overview are just a few examples. Refer to the release notes for a full overview of the new inquiries that are now available.

Visma.net Expense 1.2

Visma.net Expense, Visma.nets online travel expense tool, had a very successful release during the summer and includes some exciting new features, below we have listed some of the highlights.

  • Import your receipt online from Dropbox or via Visma Attach
  • Import your mileages directly through route tracking systems; for example BilBuddy in Norway
  • Download your credit card transactions from EIKA bank directly to your expense claim
  • Scan your bills while on the road and upload them in real-time to expense claim
  • Manage the cost allocation of your expense claim and split costs and allocate the claim to a department or project

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