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In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.
Below we have listed some of the highlights from
Visma.net Financials 4.02 & 4.03
Visma.net AutoPay 4.07
Visma.net Expense 1.4
Visma.net Approval 1.54
Visma.net Advisor 11.0 & 12.0 

Visma.net Financials 4.02 & 4.03

A new and improved version of Visma.net Financials has now been released and we have listed the highlights below.

Schedule release of all your vouchers easily from one screen

Optimize the automation of your processes and save time by an easy scheduling release of all your vouchers from one screen. You can do this efficiently from one screen, helping you to eliminate manual tasks and schedule these tasks at a time when it suits you, for example in the evening. 

Visma.net Financials

Visma.net Financials

Reduce implementation time with standard chart of accounts in start-up wizard

To help our customers to start-up quicker and make the implementation easier we added a standard chart of accounts for each country based on your entity type. Save time and money with a more rapid implementation.

Enhanced approval integration

Visma.net has a strong focus on enhancing integrations to optimize your processes. We enhanced the approval integration to give you a more complete user experience. You will find the comments of an approved invoice directly in Visma.net Financials in the Bills and Adjustments screen.

Visma.net Financials

Enhanced automation of invoices

The information needed in the automation of invoices flow is simplified and optimized. You   can now select approvers from the Inbox, open the vendor directly from the invoice and see the article number of the supplier. In addition you can create a dashboard to monitor the amount of incoming invoices.

Attachments following invoices  through  AutoInvoice

Enjoy electronic invoicing now for almost all your invoices. Those invoices that need supporting documents, like hour registrations or drawing can now as well be sent through AutoInvoice. Create a fully automated process for all your invoices by adding attachments and upload .pdf files to the invoice, which will follow the invoice in Visma.net AutoInvoice.
Visma.net AutoInvoice

Incoming invoice automation

We have eliminated the need for manual involvement of incoming vendor invoices from Visma.net AutoInvoice. Invoices will automatically be imported into a new Accounts Payable inbox. They can then automatically be registered in accounts payable, pre-booked and sent for approval via Visma.net Approval, dependent on your settings. By taking automation a step further we aim to save you time and improve the efficiency of the purchase-to-pay process. 

Support for Swedish RUT and ROT tax rules (SE)

In Visma.net Financials it is now possible for private persons to get a deduction on income tax when contracting someone to carry out domestic services (RUT) or maintain, rebuild or enlarge a building (ROT). Since these rules are now supported by Visma.net Financials, it is easier for you to comply with the local rules and regulations and benefit from this tax deduction.

Audit file export (NL)

In the Dutch Audit File format, a new feature has been added for exporting financial data. In The Netherlands the Audit file is a standard export-format for exchanging financial information. The export can for example be send to accounting offices or the tax agency which improves collaboration and communication with your accountant and tax agency.


Bankgirot upload in Accounts Receivable (SE)

BGMax files (Bankgirot Sweden) can now be manually uploaded into accounts receivable. This improves collaboration with your bank and saves you time while also improves the accuracy of processing your bank transactions.

Instant online help and FAQs 

From within the customer engagement portal, a renewed online help is now available and focusses on the basic workflows within the financial system. When you click on help, you will automatically be guided through your question or process and easily recognisable icons ensure ease of navigation. The FAQ page is also readily available and hosts a wealth of information that aims to simplify your work day.

Visma.net AutoPay 4.07

A new and improved version of Visma.net AutoPay has now been released and we have listed the highlights below.

Visma.net ready for SEPA

Visma.net now supports SEPA and this means that only one standard will be used for both domestic and foreign transactions. SEPA is the EU standard for transactions by use of IBAN and BIC codes in the bank transaction. You can rest assured that your solution is ready for SEPA and is always up-to-date with EU standards and regulations. Read more about SEPA 

Extended bank integrations (SE and NO)

Visma.net AutoPay is now integrated with the Danske bank through the latest technology (CGI) in Sweden and Norway. Enjoy full integration of your electronic payment process which saves you time and increases the accuracy of your payments.

Extended bank integrations (FI)

Visma.net AutoPay is now fully integrated with all the Crosskey and Samlink banks for outgoing and incoming payments as well as for foreign payments. Enjoy integration of your electronic payment process which saves you time and increases the accuracy of your payments.

2-factor Authentication (2FA)

Additional security has now been built into Visma.net AutoPay. 2-factor authentication has been implemented for several steps within the payment process. So, a Visma ID, which works almost in the same way as a Mobile Bank ID, is used to help ensure a secure payment process. Both who you are and if you are authorised to pay are verified as part of this process. You can sign documents with your personal Visma ID, trace exactly what has happened and who has done different actions in Visma.net AutoPay. This gives you even more security and control and also eliminates the possibility for non-authorised payments or fraud.

Visma.net Expense 1.4

Visma.net Expense is an easy online tool for registering, processing and managing your expense claims. A new and improved version has now been released and we have listed the highlights below.

Integration with Visma Enterprise HRM

Visma.net Expense is now also integrated with Visma Enterprise HRM. This means that data from Visma Enterprise HRM can be reused and imported into Visma.net Expense ensuring that it is quick and easy to get started. 

Credit card integration

Visma.net Expense now also supports credit card integrations with DNB, Dankse Bank (Mastercard) and Nordea (First Card). Enjoy ease and increased accuracy of your expenses as well as an efficient registration process.

Read more about Visma.net Expense

Visma.net Approval

Visma.net Approval is Visma.net’s online solution for approving documents via flexible workflows. Approving invoices is a part of Visma.net Financials with custom deployment. A new and improved version has now been released and we have listed the highlights below.

Updated document viewer

It is now easy to view, exam, navigate and get a quick overview of large documents. What’s more, it is easy to control the document that needs to be improved.

The new document viewer provides

  • Rapid transitioning between the different pages of a document
  • Improved visibility of attachments to a workflow
  • Improved load-time of documents
  • Enhanced transition between large and small views of the document
  • Removes any dependencies on 3rd-party PDF plugins

Visma.net Advisor 11.0 & 12.0

Visma.net includes an internal administration solution that is tailored to the modern accounting practice. It works at the core of your business helping you plan, manage, track and control staff, clients, tasks and communications. 

Integrated price recalculation in price list (version 12.0)

When prices are to be changed and the new prices should be valid from a specific date, you add a new period in the price list. New in this release is a function for price recalculation. By using this function, you can recalculate the previous period’s prices that should apply for the new period. You can either use a percentage rate or a fixed amount.


Manage several offices (version 11.0) 

The new function Office Dimension makes it possible to have several offices connected to one practice.

Once you have this activated, you can:

  • Manage several legal entities within the same practice.
  • Select data based on the dimension office in the customer list, check list, resource planning and invoicing functions.
  • Transfer the dimension office to your invoice basis to be able to perform detailed follow-ups in your financial software.
  • Select data based on the dimension office in all reports in the system.


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