A new and improved version of Financials is now available. The main highlights of this release are listed below, along with additional features from recent releases of other related services.   

Flexible discount strategy

Regardless of what discount rules you have defined, Financials 4.20 will always take the best available discount line and document the reduction. Furthermore, it is now also possible to group discounts, define a discount limit and set a pro-rata discount so you can better serve your business routines and needs. Financials Financials

Searching made easier

Thanks to welcome and valuable feedback, an easier and more effective search feature is now available that allows you to search directly within the solution. The solution will try to auto-complete the entry by matching it against existing records. A smart and user-friendly feature designed to simplify your workday.

12-month P&L column 

It is now possible to view 12-month periods next to each other in analytic reports. Enjoy even greater insight into the development of your business.

Write-off clarification

It is now possible to provide a reason code when writing off an amount. This helps clarify each write-off as provides information that is more detailed. This in turn helps you better analyse your write-offs and take the right actions to improve your business.

Approve your invoices via your mobile  

Visma has now launched a mobile companion for Approval - Visma Mobile Manager. It is therefore easier than ever to approve your invoices on-the-go, via your mobile, when and where suits you. Thanks to this easy app, approving invoices and expense claims on-the-go is fast, easy and efficient! Download the app on Google Play or iTunes App Store. Find our more about Approval here.

How can we help you?

The support panel in is our interaction point with you as a customer. We are commited to ensuring continuous improvements so that you are able to work in the way you want. You can now also see all the details of your partner (if purchased solution via a partner) that will help to support you in using the solution.


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