What's new

What's new

In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.
Below we have listed some of the highlights from
Visma.net Financials
Visma.net Approval
Visma.net Expense

Visma.net Financials

A new and improved version of Visma.net Financials has now been released and we have listed the main highlights below.

Visma.net AutoInvoice integration: Upgrade to Support Svefaktura (SE)

In Visma.net Financials, you can now send invoices from and to Visma.net AutoInvoice with support for Svefaktura format.  This means Visma.net AutoInvoice now supports electronic invoices within the Swedish market.

 Visma.net Financials

Visma.net Financials

New reporting routines for VAT import in Sweden (SE)

The Swedish Parliament has decided that companies registered for VAT purposes in Sweden, must also report their VAT on imported goods (services already reported) to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) instead of paying it to Customs (Tullverket).

Automatic import of currency exchange rates

In Visma.net Financials you can easily import exchange rates and do so either automatically or manually. Within the Import exchange rates window, you can schedule the imports and override the import schedules to occur automatically, which further simplifies your working day.

Visma.net Financials

Better performance and stability

Visma.net has made several enhancements to optimise the performance when it comes to starting up Visma.net Financials and processing your daily tasks within Visma.net Financials.

A smoother and faster upgrade process has now been secured so that you can benefit from fewer maintenance windows in conjunction with your future upgrades of Visma.net Financials.

Visma.net Financials

The Support panel

Online help
The online help within the Support panel has now replaced the wiki pages. Simply, click on the top right corner and select Support to access the Support panel. Click Online help and use the search function to find what you are looking for.

What’s more, you can also make requests to our Support team from within online help.

In the FAQ section of the Support panel, you can now read the most frequently asked questions in your local language (for supported markets).

Bank statements

Visma.net Financials delivers a new process in cash management that gives you a great enhancement in bank transaction reconciliation.

In Cash management, there are two new screens, one for importing and one for processing bank statements.

Getting incoming payments and bank statements from Visma.net AutoPay is automated using automation schedules. Imported transactions are matched automatically against invoices, bills and payments by the powerful Auto match option. A configurable bank rules system allows automated creation of unmatched transactions, like bank fees or interest based on the characteristics of the imported transactions.

These new features allow you to process bank transactions and reconcile cash accounts automatically. A report showing the reconciled balances and unreconciled transactions is also available.

Visma.net Financials

Visma.net Financials

Support for documents in selected language

In the Customer ledger the field Document language has been added to the Customer classes window.

You can now select a language to be used for the documents you produce, for example your Customer statement, Customer Reminder and reports.

Reporting to the government and preparations for reporting

Cash transactions are now visible in the VAT specification report.

Visma.net Financials
Visma.net Financials

Visma.net Approval

A new and improved version of Visma.net Approval has now been released and we have listed the main highlights below.

Invoice approver

Invoice approver – is a new role that has been added to the User roles window and is now available for you to use. In order to use this role, you need to have a customer administrator in your company assign it to you in the same way as for roles such as Financials User, Financials Administrator and AutoPay Accountant.

Initial approver on invoice lines

On the Document Details tab, you can now set an initial approver on each of the invoice lines. By default, the initial approver is set to the same person as the initial approver that was selected on the document level (if there is one). When you choose to change the initial approver here, you are asked to specify whether you want to override the initial approver in document details with the new value.

Visma.net Financials

Approval of document lines and classification of account

A new feature for approving on line level is now available. An Invoice with multiple lines sent from Visma.net Financials can now be approved by different approvers based on the cost centres (sub accounts) entered on the approval lines. Each approver will receive a task for approving a line on the invoice, which can either be approved or rejected. The approver will also have an option to edit basic information of the line.

Visma.net Expense

A new and improved version of Visma.net Expense has now been released and we have listed the main highlights below.

Visma.net Expense has now been released for the Swedish market. Visma.net Expense is available in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

New features

Paid by Company
Employee can now mark expenses as paid-by company

  • Also supports company paid Credit Card
  • Automatically maps SEB transactions
  • Can be turned on-off on group/company level

Manage Groups

With Visma.net Expense, you can manage groups of employees with different rates and pay codes.

  • Group settings and accounts can be copied
  • Groups can be generated and deleted in Visma.net Expense

Visma.net Expense can also be used on tablets


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