What's New Visma.net 5.20

What's New

In the latest version of Visma.net, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.

Interest rate calculation

Menu path: Menu  Menu / Finance / Customer Ledger / Configuration / Overdue charge
Two new calculation methods:
1. Interest on prorate balance: Calculation method is based on balance partial payments.
2. Interest on areas: Same calculation method but includes closed documents.
New screen with new setting possibilities:
Overdue charge settings: Overdue fee amount can be configured in addition to interest.
Menu path:  Add fee amount / Account / Subaccount / Fee description
Calculation settings: Document and line minimum amounts can be set and different interest rates from different dates can be set.
Note: ‘Interest on balance’ is still set as the default method in the ‘Field calculation’ there are no changes in the setting.
With Visma.net Financials, you are now able to enter a transaction code before adding lines in the 'Journal Transactions.’ This setting will remind you to choose a transaction code so that your data is always updated and correct. 

Improved reports and inquiries for Fiexed Assets

Menu path: Menu / Finance / Fixed Assets / Reports / Balances / Fixed Assets Balance by GL Account
Menu path: Menu / Finance / Fixed Assets / Work area / Explore / Account Balance by Assets
New Reports and Inquiries have been added to improve reconciling fixed assets registered against general ledger.
New report: ‘Fixed Assets Balance by GL Account’ is grouped by account including balance for each asset.
New inquiry: ‘Account Balance by Assets’ is where period and totals are shown to date, year-to date-and period-to-date for each asset.

Stocktaking inventory - import initial stock count

Menu path: Menu / Logistics / Work area / Enter / Stocktaking review
It now possible to export your stocktaking to Microsoft Excel files. Make your changes to the file and import it with your physical inventory count to Visma.net.

Allocation of purchase price variance to inventory value

Menu path: Menu / Logistics / Purchases / Configuration / Setup / Purchase order preference
This update will support the business process in the Purchase module.  Visma.net will now handle this process with the new feature ‘Allocation of purchase price variance to Inventory Value’ with the support of two different valuation methods: Average and FIFO.