What's New 5.21

In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets with the goal of further simplifying your workday.

New and improved versions of Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Logistics are released; the main highlights are listed below.

Direct Debit (Visma.net AutoPay) for the Netherlands 

• Simplify the collecting process with Visma.net Financials. The solution is integrated with Visma.net Autopay so you can easily check customer bank account withdrawals.

• Direct Debit supports handling several mandates for a customer, and it is now possible to set up a maximum withdrawal amount. 

• Visma.net AutoPay will support Direct Debit.  


Visma.net Financials & Visma.net Logistics improvements

Previous releases have focused on new processes and features; however, we have shifted our focus to making improvements behind the screen. This will make your daily interactions with the service more enjoyable.

Areas for improvement:

• Performance optimisation

• Improving documentation 

• Better translation and help in the user interface text

• Optimising process like reconciliation/period closing and VAT handling



Improved performance and stability

Visma.net has made several enhancements to optimise start-up and daily processing performance. Experience a smoother, faster and secure upgrade process with fewer maintenance windows for future upgrades of Visma.net Financials.

A total overview of the technical release notes can be found on the Visma Support Community. 

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