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In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets. Our goal is to further simplifying your workday. The following updates have been implemented to improve your experience with Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Logistics. This update focuses on: 

  •  Performance optimisation
  •  Improving documentation 
  •  Incremental optimisation in processes
  • Better translation and help in the user interface text






Pending VAT (SE)

Menu Path: Menu / Finance / VAT / Work Area /Manage / VAT

Visma.net Financials can now handle pending VAT for both ingoing and outgoing transactions.  To set up the functionality choose the VAT code and mark the field, “Pending VAT”

Menu Path: Menu / Finance/ VAT / Process / Daily / Convert SVAT to VAT

Two new screens have been implemented: “Convert input SVAT to VAT” and “Convert output SVAT to VAT” These new process will help move the VAT to the correct period.






Visma.net Financials is now complies with ROT & RUT.


Match bank transactions to batch payments (ALL)

Menu path: Menu / Finance / Cash Management / Manage / Cash Accounts

A new option in ‘Cash Management’ has been added. It is called, "Release AP documents from cash management." It is now possible to match unreleased batch payments. When the unreleased batch payment is matched, it will be released when processing the bank transaction.

Replace primary screen with a Generic Inquiry (ALL)

Menu path: Menu / System / Customization / Generic and the tab ‘Entry Point’

A new feature in the Generic screen makes it possible to replace a primary screen, such as, “Customers” with a specific inquiry. When this option is set, the primary screen will be replaced with the create Generic Inquiry screen, which will be shown as a list rather than a form.




 Visma.net Logistics improvements

It’s now possible to automate the replenishment routine. This has led to the following changes:


  • Stock item screen
    • ‘Replenishment info’ tab is available. The Replenishment method has been added. Min/Max and Fixed Order Quantity
  • Prepare Replenishment
    • 'Process Action' is now avaliable Order Quantity

It’s possible to set up the demand calculation for Item class. The settings gives the option to chosen from two calculation method

  • Availability calculation -specified which status should be calculated - options can be found on the General Settings tab of this form.
  • “Hard Demand Only” which is calculated as (Qty.SO Allocated) + (Qty SO Back Ordered) + (Qty SO Shipped).




Shipping instructions

Menu path: Menu / Finance / Customer Ledger / Work area/  Manage / Customer tab Delivery setting

Shipping instructions are now displayed under the tab ‘Delivery setting’ under ‘Shipping Instruction’ but only for the primary location. 





Improved performance and stability

Visma.net has made several enhancements to optimise start-up and daily processing performance. Experience a smoother, faster and secure upgrade process with fewer maintenance windows for future upgrades of Visma.net Financials.

A total overview of the technical release notes can be found on the Visma Support Community. 

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