What's New 5.30

What's New

In the latest version of Visma.net, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.

Sales Profitability Reports (All)

Menu path: Menu/Finance/Customer Ledger/Reports/Analysis

A completely new set of sales profitability reports provides data necessary to improve the quality of the sales profitability analysis, and monitors sales of specific products.

The Reports:

Each report displays the net sales amounts, costs, margins, and margin percentages calculated on the documents for a specified type.

Daily Sales Profitability The detailed report shows the profitability data for each day within the specified date range.

Sales Profitability by Salesperson and Customer  The detailed report shows the data broken down by customer.

Sales Profitability by Customer and Order  The detailed report shows the data broken down by sales order.      

Sales Profitability by Customer Class and Customer Displays the net sales amounts, costs, margins, and margin percentages on all sales to each customer.

Sales Profitability by Item and Order The detailed reports show the data broken down by sales orders.   

Sales Profitability by Item Class and Item The detailed report shows the data broken down by sales orders.


User Interface Improvements in Bank Statements (All)

Menu path: Menu/Finance/Cash Management/Work Area/Enter/Process Bank Transactions

To make the process of working with bank statements smoother, several small user interface improvements have been made.

Now you can easily see which transactions have been matched or have not matched by clicking on the filter box.  

‘Ready to Process’ is a new field that shows if the banking transaction has been matched fully and is ready to be processed.

When you scroll between the banking transactions on the left side of the screen, the tabs on the right side of the screen will change accordingly. (The relation is between the banking transaction and the matched/unmatched.)

Visma.net Financials Workbooks (NO, NL, FI)

Menu path: Menu/Finance/Work Area/Enter/Workbooks

A new feature for improving the registration process has been added to Visma.net Financials. This feature makes it possible to create Workbooks for manual transaction entry based on different transaction types. This feature is available to selected customers for testing and will be made available to all soon.




Visma.net Financials Handling Direct Debit Payments (NL)

Menu path: Menu/Finance/Customer Ledger/Work Area/Manage/Customer on tab other Invoice setting

Direct Debit for the Netherlands is now supported.

Visma.net Logistics Intrastat (NL, SE, FI)

Menu path: Menu/Logistics/Inventory/Work Area/Manage/Inventory

When fetching information for the ‘Intrastat report’ information has previously been taken from the ‘General’ tab. Now, that information is fetched from the ‘Packing’ tab. If your company is working with ‘Unit of Measurement’ the information will be fetched from the ‘General’ tab.