What's New 5.32

What's New

In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.

A new and improved version of Visma.net Financials & Visma.net Logistics have been released. The highlights are listed below.


Visma.net Financials

Manual VAT in Purchase documents (SE)

It is now possible to register the total VAT amount in Supplier Ledger with purchase invoices via Cash Management with the type of Disbursements. This feature allows the user to specify the total VAT at the document level. The VAT is no longer calculated for each line. The benefit of this is to speed up registration on invoices with mixed VAT and the purchase amount can easily be split on different lines without taking VAT code into considerations. 

  1. Activate Manual VAT entry mode in Enable/Disable features screen under Settings/ Configuration/Licensing.
  2. Activate Validate document totals and Validate VAT totals in Menu: Supplier Ledger / Configuration/ Setup / Supplier Ledger preferences.
  3. Set up a special VAT zone configured as Manual VAT entry in Menu: VAT / Work area / VAT Zones
  4. Change the default VAT zone on the SE supplier or directly on the supplier.




RUT and ROT is now supported in the Logistics module.  With use of non-stock items in the logistic process, quotes / sales order / invoices will now show the right cost deduction  in screens and reports.  

Business to customer (B2C) via Visma.net AutoInvoice (NO)

A new feature has been added to Visma.net AutoInvoice that allows users to send electronic invoices to a private customer (B2C). In this version, the feature will be in a pilot phase.




Credit note adjustments in Visma.net AutoPay

Users can now automate the payment process of supplier invoices by matching supplier’s credit notes against outstanding invoices before sending the payment to the bank via Visma.net AutoPay. Debit adjustments (credit notes) are not shown on the list.

Credit notes will be matched against invoices with the same currency and negative payments can not be sent to the bank.

Menu: Supplier Ledger / Process / Process Payments


SIE Improvements (SE)

Import of SIE file handling has been improved in several areas.

  • Sub-accounts will be added to the segmented values, the same way accounts are added to the chart of accounts.

  • After importing a SIE file, it is now possible to see which accounts and segment values have been imported and created. It is possible to find the information of the Audit History in the system menu.

  • To have the correct VAT handling when importing a SIE file, a new screen has been added: SIE Import VAT Settings.  It now possible to set up rules and create VAT lines based on sales and purchase accounts.

Menu: Finance / Configuration.





Visma.net Logistics (ALL)

Several improvements have been made to the Visma.net Logistics module.

Assigning a standard contact person for the customer

  • It now possible to create a standard contact person for each customer. When creating a sales order this person is the default contact person. It is possible to change after assigning.


Proforma Invoice

  • In the Shipments screen in Sales order a new report called Trade Invoice is added, it gives the possibility to create a Proforma Invoice.




Set supplier and Purchase price on Sales order

A new parameter called "Override Supplier prices" has been added.

Menu: Sales / Configuration / Setup / Sales Orders preferences

Now it is possible to add specific purchase prices on sales order lines and create a purchase order based on those prices. Remember to check the field Mark as Purchase order before a supplier can be added on the line.


Margin calculation in sales order

  • A new parameter called Use replacement cost for margin / profit calculation has been added. Menu: Sales / Configuration / Setup / Sales Orders preferences