What's New


In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and have paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your workday. Below are the new features in Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Logistics version 6.0


New look and feel (All)

You may have noticed new fonts, colours and graphics on Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Logistics. This fresh look has been implemented for a more enjoyable user experience that we think you’ll like.



Dashboard access rights (All)

It is now possible to set access rights to each of your dashboards, giving you more control over who can access which dashboards.

The dashboard has two new types of widgets: Scorecards KPIs and Trend cards KPIs. These new widgets allow you to extend the type of information you want to show on the dashboard.

Pivot table (All)

The Inquiries functionality has been expanded to support a Pivot table.  With this new capability, you can aggregate and summarise data in a new view, giving you a new perspective of your data set.




Customer Refund via Visma.net AutoPay (The Netherlands)

It is now possible to send money back to a customer via Visma.net AutoPay. Credit notes and prepayments can be transferred back to customers.

All you need to do is set up Payment Methods to allow you to create a payment batch, then make sure that the customer has registered the BBAN and IBAN numbers on the card.










New tax reports from 2017 (Norway)

From 2017, more detailed reports will be introduced to the Norwegian market. Visma.net Financials has been updated with new tax codes to support the new reports and SAF-T.

For more information regarding the impact this will have on your financial books, read the release notes or contact your local partner.


Improved performance and stability

Visma.net has made several enhancements to optimise start-up and daily processing performance. Experience a smoother, faster and secure upgrade process with fewer maintenance windows for future upgrades of Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Logistics.

A total overview of the technical release notes can be found on the Visma Support Community. 

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