Expense 3.0

When you log on to Expense after January 14th, you’ll notice the page has a new look and feel. We are excited to announce the release of Visma Nordic Cool 3; you will see new colours and icons together with an improved user experience that will enrich your daily work with Expense.

Below are some of the updates that will come with Expense 3.0

Home screen

Mileage claims

Attach various files to a travel claim, for example, a meeting invitation or documentation needed for the mileage. The data collection from the GPS integration is now a part of the Mileage page, which means you can get data directly into the mileage claim page from your GPS vendor.

A clear overview of all travels

When adding a new travel, simply click on the date in the calendar and enter the travel type and allowance in the popup. If you add more travels you will get new lines, allowing you to view all travels on one screen.

Remove Dropbox attachment

Due to security reasons, uploading an image from Dropbox will no longer be an option.

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