What's new Visma.net Approval

Visma.net Approval is an important tool for approving invoices and expenses online. By performing these tasks online, you are able to complete them where and when you wish.

The new release of Visma.net Approval includes many improvements and the major highlights are explained in the video and liste below.




New design for my tasks view

To provide our customers with a better experience in using the service, we have improved the look and feel of the tasks view. Clear icons make it easy to see what you are approving, a document (for example and invoice) or an expense. In addition, you can see all of your tasks within a single overview. This means that for you as a manager you only have to concentrate on one view to approve your tasks! Easy and effective.

Visma.net Approval
Visma.net Approval

Seperate task workspace

You are now able to see your supporting documents in a clear overview when opening a task. No extra clicks to look at extra files, everything in one view.

Support panel

Visma.net Approval is now enhanced with an instant support portal, where online help, FAQ’s and getting started information will help you to better use the service. When you click on help, you will automatically be guided through your question or process and easily recognisable icons ensure ease of navigation. The FAQ page is also readily available and hosts a wealth of information that aims to simplify your daily work with Visma.net Approval.

Visma.net Approval
Visma.net Approval

Amount limits in workflow configuration

The ability to specify conditional rules and steps has been extended, especially for those customers using Visma.net Financials and Visma.net Expense. This means that

you can use a different flow for invoices with a low amount or in between a certain amount. So you can for example create a shorter process if needed in some cases.