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Visma.net Expense 1.5

Today, more than 22,000 users are taking advantage of Visma.net Expense to simplify travel and expense reimbursements. This number is increasing at an ever-growing pace and therefore significant resources are being used to continuously improve the solution.

Visma.net Expense is constantly improving and the latest features include attractive add-ons that are designed to further simplifying your expense processes. Read about some of the latest improvements and highlights below.

Throw away those paper receipts

Thanks to the recent changes from the Norwegian government, you are no longer required by law to file the original copy of all of your receipts for claiming work related expenses.

From the 1st of July 2014, documentation can be exclusively electronic. Travel bills no longer need to be printed and signed, the electronic signature in Visma.net Expense is satisfactory.

Visma Attach, a simple app that allows you to take pictures of your receipts, can be used to record your receipts via your mobile and upload them to the solution electronically.

Save time and money by taking pictures of receipts with your phone and simplify your work day! Expense 100% electronically with Visma.net Expense!

Expense registration made easier

The expense registration page has been further improved so that it is even easier for you to add your expenses. The calendar is now more in focus and will lead you through your registration process. This makes entering expense claims more intuitive and efficient.

Easy overview of accounting information

It is now possible to create a better overview of the types of expenses and accounting information for your company. Configure the mileage, daily allowance and expense types to either the right general ledger or the right rate or the right pay code. This means that the different types of expenses are immediately connected to the right accounting information, simplifying the configuration process and improving the financial overview.

Additional credit card support

You can now further benefit from the many advantages offered via credit card integration. Additional credit card support is now available and the complete list of credit cards Visma.net Expense can be integrated with can be found below:
  • EB Eurocard
  • SEB Diners
  • DNB Corporate Visa
  • Nordea Firstcard
  • Eika TwoCards
  • Danske Bank Corporate Mastercard

Automatic calculation

Visma.net Expense now provides automatic and continuous calculation of daily allowances. Once you have provided the start and end time in the calendar, and set the purpose and travel description, the daily allowance will automatically be calculated. While overseas currencies will automatically be marked as such when you choose foreign currency. This means that expenses just got a whole lot smarter and are at your service, doing the work for you.

Approve expense claims on-the-go

It is now possible to approve your expense claims on-the-go, when and where you wish, with the app Visma Mobile Manager (Available for download from iTunes App Store and Google Play). This mobile app supports the modern mobile workforce and is designed to further simplify your workday. Read more about Visma Mobile Manager here or download directly.

Visma Attach for Windows Phone

With the app Visma Attach, you can take pictures of your receipts and send them directly into the solution, on-the-go, when and where suits you. Visma Attach has been available in Google Play and iTunes App Store since summer 2013 and is now also available in the Windows Phone Store for all Windows phone users. Read more about Visma Attach for Windows here.

We wish you a happy & sunny summer!