What's new

In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your work day.

A new and improved version of Visma.net Financials has been released and we have listed the highlights below.

More assistance

With the update of Visma.net Financials, we aim to help customers and partners with starting up a new company, and help existing companies with new customers. Assisting with setup has been expanded with a new “Import scenarios” option for customers, suppliers and non-stock items, which will make importing data in a standard format easier.

Visma.net Approval

Approval Release Date: March 17th, 2015

Receive reminders of when tasks are soon overdue

The period for receiving a reminder for overdue tasks has been extended to 14 days from until 2 days before tasks is due. This will enable the user to have a better overview of their deadlines.

To find the mail settings: Settings – My Settings – My Mail Settings.

Navigation shortcuts

For faster navigation between tasks, users can now use shortcuts keys “N” for next task and “P” is for previous task. With this, users can quickly find the information they need.

Visma.net Logistics

During summer 2015, we will launch Visma.net Logistics, which will make it easier to administrate business processes regarding orders for goods and services. By automating and streamlining order processing and constantly updating inventory, vendor and client information, you will have a 360-degree view of customer/vendor records on billing and payments, order processing and general ledger information.


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