What's New Visma.net Financials

What's New


In the latest versions of all Visma.net services, we have focused on customer feedback from all markets and have paid great attention to improving the end user experience with the goal of further simplifying your workday. Below are the new features in Visma.net Financials version 5.1. Several small improvements and bug fixes are documented in the release notes. 


Gross and net amount

To improve the efficiency of handling invoice documents and cash management documents, we have made several improvements by introducing new gross and net functionalities.

It is now possible to choose to enter a gross amount or net amount when registering document lines in Incoming Invoices and Cash Management transactions.

Set the parameter for gross or net on the Vendor. This can be overridden when registering the Incoming Invoice. For Cash Management, set the parameter for gross or net on the Cash Account and override this when you register the cash transactions.


Split invoice lines functionality added to the Purchase invoice window

In addition to add invoice row, it is now possible to split an invoice line. The invoice line automatically inherits the value from the parent invoice line. This function will be useful when you need distribute costs across several accounts and subaccounts on invoices that are imported from the invoice inbox and manual invoices.

Split invoice lines with the Approval editor in Visma.net Approval

There is a new functionality for split and edit invoice lines for users who have invoice improvers and want to edit the invoice lines. Approvers can split costs when approving a purchase invoice.

Open the invoice in the Document Editor and the functionality to split the lines is the same as splitting lines in Visma.net Financials.


 AutoPay Inbox

To ensure the payment process is as automated and efficient as possible, we have introduced a new routine called AutoPay Inbox. This new screen is for receiving messages from Visma.net AutoPay for:

• Payment statuses

• Account statements

• Incoming payment files

In the AutoPay Inbox, you will immediately receive info about new and changed transactions from AutoPay. You can schedule this screen to be automatically processed. No changes have been made for manual payments (Swedish Bankgiro and the Netherland customers). The benefits of this new routine are that you become more automated and efficient when handling bank processes.

Note: The first time you login to Visma.net after the upgrade, you will see the First Time Start-up Wizard for activation of the new Visma.net AutoPay Inbox (new and improved for bank handling).

If you fail to activate the new feature, simply go to Cash Management, Manage, Cash Account and complete the activation there. If you have a bank agreement with Visma.net AutoPay, you need to activate the cash accounts for Visma.net AutoPay to handle your bank operation.

For Swedish and Dutch customers: the manual payments will still work the same.


Support for dunning letter levels

hoose if you want the system to create dunning letters By Customer or By Documents. By Customer has not changed from the previous version, but By Document is a new choice. 

Selecting By Document means that all customer documents are treated individually and you are able to define how the dunning process should be from customer to customer.


Improved performance and stability

Visma.net has made several enhancements to optimise start-up and daily processing performance. Experience a smoother, faster and secure upgrade process with fewer maintenance windows for future upgrades of Visma.net Financials.

A total overview of the technical release notes can be found on the Visma Support Community.