Cost saving

Become more competitive than ever

In today’s business you need to be quick and nimble to recognise – and exploit – opportunities when they occur. That is why you don’t want to be locked into contracts for solutions that hamper your flexibility and profitability.

When you subscribe to – rather than own – your business solutions, you will strengthen your competitiveness through:

  • Greater agility
  • Reduced complexity
  • More predictable expenses

Here are five ways will help you improve your profitability

1. No large upfront investments

As a subscriber you pay for the services you desire and the amount of users you require. There are no large investments upfront. Since your servers are surplus from now on, you can free up resources currently tied up in hardware and maintenance.

2. Increase productivity

All services come fully integrated. With single point of data entry you save time and reduce the risk of human errors. Updates and installations all happen in the cloud. That means no more work interrupting restarts or idly watching slow moving progress bars.

Also, by utilizing the system’s vast opportunities for automation of repetitive tasks and role-based interfaces your organisation will work more efficiently than ever before – in sum, a powerful boost for your competitiveness.

3. Focus your IT resources on high value-adding activities

Don’t miss out on the opportunities a cloud based solution brings to the IT side of your business. Your IT people are a valuable asset that you can now focus on value adding activities.

4. Faster time to value

From the moment you have placed your order to your services are up and running we are talking minutes. The weeks and months of installation and integration many traditionally installed software systems require now become a thing of the past.

5. Flexibility and scalability that keeps you agile

Say goodbye to long term contracts for solutions that no longer meet your needs. With a flexible subscription based structure you can easily add services and users as your business grows – or scale down to adjust to market fluctuations. This way, your business becomes nimble and able to swiftly exploit windows of opportunity when they appear.