Customer experience

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

In today’s business climate the 9-to-5 office job is neither 9-to-5 nor always in the office. Even the SME business is likely to have a workforce in the field across multiple time zones.

For the sales rep having copied data on his laptop and capturing information to be entered later is no longer acceptable. Neither is it acceptable for the executive to rely on days old data because she is meeting at a remote location. Not having immediate access to mission critical systems results in missed opportunities and inefficient operations.

To be efficient, data entry must be moved to where the data is created in the organisation. The service must adapt to the user and not the other way around. We accomplish this by offering flexible and simple to use services that are accessible everywhere on any device at any time. As long as there is an internet connection then is with you 24/7.

Whether it is the salesman visiting a customer or an executive attending an off-site conference provides accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips. Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, is available when you need it.

A complete business solution

Too often the SME business is losing productivity by using multiple applications to handle their different requirements.

Consider the scenario of the medium sized supply distributor who uses one system for accounting, another for managing customers and suppliers, and still another for logistics. Common data is duplicated and communication between systems is a headache if not non-existent.

This results in inefficient business processes. When not doing double data entry, then they are downloading files from one system just to upload it into another. Management has a challenging time getting an accurate holistic view of the operation having to draw data from various sources which may not always be synchronised. This scenario is not sustainable as the company grows and processes will eventually break down. has all you need to run your business from a single point of access on a standard web browser.’s streamlined business processes and integrated services will boost your company’s efficiency.

It is the single and complete business solution designed to offer the services you need when you need it. The impressive user-friendliness is supported by a consistent user interface across its various services.

Automated and integrated services

Manual business processes are not only inefficient but are prone to error. The start-up may have initially gotten away with manual processes such as printing and mailing invoices. Now that they are a growing corporation they can no longer afford to do this, especially when customers are expecting electronically communication. The manual processing of payments and statements from your bank is another area which drains your resources. The SME does not have the luxury of expending resources on manual processes. automates your business processes, and the services are delivered as a fully integrated solution. You can, for instance, schedule the system to automatically send and receive transactions through the various services to your business partners.

Performance for professionals

Managers need critical information while the professional users require a fast and efficient means of processing transactions. Couple this with the needs of all employees, such as payroll, reporting expenses and manage hours. These requirements typically burden an organisation with a myriad of applications with different access controls. provides role based access for your professional users, employees and managers. A user can have more than one role and is easily administered.

The single web based access point means the user will only need to sign in once to use all their services.

The manager will get great insight for an overview of the business, while the professional user will have the tools they need to be effective in their daily work.

The web interface is fast and allows for keyboard usage, which means professionals may enter data efficiently like they are used to from traditionally installed software applications.