Why Visma.net


Visma is the Nordics leading supplier of business software and services. For more than 15 years Visma has been leading the way with business solutions and is now set to do the same with its revolutionary cloud solution. Visma has not simply moved its existing on premise solution to the cloud; it has built Visma.net in the cloud. As the Nordics leading supplier of business software and services, Visma is the vendor with the experience and expertise to take your business to the cloud.

Visma.net is Visma’s flagship cloud offering. It is an online business solution that connects your team and your data through online tools that support the automation and integration of business processes. It promotes smarter working practices that help you stay ahead of the competition.

10 Reasons why Visma is the best software supplier for your business


Visma.net includes a complete set of fully integrated services; Financials , CRM and Expense Management are just a few examples and many more exciting services are on the way.

Who is it for? 

Visma.net satisfies the professional user’s demands for speed, functionality, flexibility and reliability, while the design and user-friendliness, makes tasks easy and efficient to perform for all users. So whether you’re a company of five or five thousand employees, Visma.net will meet your needs so you can run your business efficiently. 

Why you'll love Visma.net 

Available anywhere, anytime, on any device

  • Secure access on the move
  • Optimised for touch screens

The future of business automation

  • Automate daily processes with collaborative online tools
  • Seamless integration with other online services

Scalability that keeps you agile

  • Predictable costs
  • Built for your future needs

Unbeatable business insight

  • Make business critical decisions based on real-time data
  • Increase control with automated dashboards

Foster connectivity

  • Connect your team and data
  • Empower your people to work smarter

What is in it for you

Choosing a cloud solution makes your daily operations easier. Servers, back-up routines and installations are managed safely in the cloud, so you no longer have to deal with on-premise issues. Upgrades become a thing of the past, and you will always be working on the latest version.

No hardware. No software. No headaches

You no longer have to own and maintain expensive hardware or software. Therefore, there are no large upfront investments. This contributes to the substantial cost saving benefits of a cloud solution.

Cost saving

When you subscribe to services in the cloud, you enter into a predictable payment plan. You pay for the amount of users you require and for the services you need. But when the demands of your growing business change, additional services are only a few clicks away.
The upsides are huge. Your overheads become way more predictable. Your business will become more agile, and will be ready to adapt to fluctuating market demands and exploit opportunities as they arise.


With Visma.net, you can rest assured that the technical and organisational security measures are firmly in place to protect your data from loss, misuse and unauthorised alteration. Find out more about what our security measures consist of here.